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Changing Over Your Driver's License to an Australian License in WA:

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Immigrating to Western Australia is a thrilling adventure filled with unique landscapes and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. One essential step to settling in your new home is converting your driver's license to a Western Australian license.

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you accomplish this task smoothly and legally in Western Australia.

Step 1: Understanding the Rules in Western Australia

As a new resident with a permanent visa, you can drive on your license for up to three months. After this period, you must obtain a Western Australian driver's license.

Step 2 – Check if you hold a current driver's license from a recognised country

( or has this driver’s license expired in less than 12 months?

If so, you are exempt from taking the computerised theory test on the road rules and may be exempt from the requirement to undertake the practical assessment.

If an experienced driver-recognised country issues your driver's license, AND you are 25 years and older, WA will recognise your overseas driving experience. This applies to vehicle classes C and R. All other classes will require a theory and practical examination.

License holders from non-recognised countries must do both the theory and practical testing before being granted a Western Australian license.

Step 3: Prepare the Required Documents

Before visiting a Department of Transport (DoT) licensing centre, gather the following:

- A driver's license (non-English license must present an official translation – see website for accepted translations)

- One document that shows your signature

- Proof of Western Australian residence

- Passport or other identification documents

- Completed application form (available at the DoT centre)

Step 4: Visit the Department of Transport (DoT)

Head to a local DoT licensing centre in Western Australia. It's recommended to check the DoT's website for locations and book an appointment if possible. They will take your photo.

Step 5: Undergo an Eye Test

You will be required to take an eye test at the licensing centre. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, make sure to bring them along.

Step 6: Surrender Your other Driver's License

You must hand over your driver's license, as you cannot hold two licenses simultaneously.

Step 7: Pay the Applicable Fee

The fee for your new license will vary depending on the type and duration. The staff at the DoT centre will inform you of the exact cost.

Step 8: Receive a Temporary License

You'll typically be issued a temporary license, allowing you to drive immediately while you wait for the permanent license card to be mailed to you.

Additional Considerations:

License Classes: If you hold a special class license, you may need to provide additional documentation or take a practical driving assessment.

Provisional Licenses: If you have a provisional license, you may be required to meet learner's permit conditions in Western Australia.

Driving History: Having a copy of your driving history might be helpful in some circumstances.

Conclusion: Embracing the Open Road in Western Australia

Transitioning your driver's license to a Western Australian license is vital to settling into your new life Down Under. The process is generally straightforward, and authorities in Western Australia are there to assist you.

Always refer to the official [Department of Transport website]

for the most accurate and up-to-date information, as regulations may change.

Once you have your new license in hand, the expansive landscapes and breathtaking coasts of Western Australia await exploration. Enjoy the freedom of the open road in this beautiful part of the world!

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