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Settling in Service

Settling-in services are designed to ease the transition of individuals or families into a new location, ensuring they feel at home and integrated into their new environment as quickly as possible. We offer the following services we can tailor-made to your requirements:

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Home Set-up:

Assistance with utility connections like water, electricity, gas, internet, and cable TV.

Guidance on home maintenance services, such as finding a reliable plumber, electrician, or gardener.


Orientation Tours:

Providing a tour of the new neighbourhood or city, highlighting essential places like supermarkets, medical facilities, public transport hubs, recreational areas, and other points of interest.


Local Registration:

Assistance with necessary local registrations, such as residence registration with local authorities or getting a local driver’s license.

Guidance on car registration and local driving regulations.



Introducing clients to nearby medical facilities, pharmacies, and doctors.

Assistance with medical insurance registration or understanding local healthcare systems.


Banking and Finance:

Guidance on opening a local bank account, understanding banking procedures, and introducing clients to local banking institutions.

Information on local tax regulations and obligations and referrals to professional services.


Public Transportation:

Educating clients on the local public transport system, including helping them obtain transportation cards and understanding routes and schedules.


Social Integration:

Introducing clients to local clubs, organisations, or groups based on their interests, facilitating social integration.

Offering information about local events, festivals, or other community activities.


Language and Cultural Training:

Providing resources or recommending language and cultural training courses if required.


Pet Services:

Guidance on pet registration, finding local veterinarians, pet shops, and pet-friendly parks or facilities.


Emergency Contacts:

Providing a list of essential emergency contacts, including local police, fire department, medical facilities, and 24/7 support from the relocation agency.


Leisure and Recreation:

Recommendations for local gyms, clubs, theatres, restaurants, and other recreational facilities.


Local Etiquette and Customs:

Educating clients about local customs, etiquettes, and any cultural sensitivities, they should be aware of.


Post-move Check-in:

Follow up with clients a few weeks or months after their move to address further needs, questions, or concerns.


Settling-in services are crucial for ensuring a smooth transition. By providing these services, we help clients avoid common pitfalls, minimise feelings of displacement, and accelerate adaptation to their new environment.

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