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House Hunter Package

Our house hunt package is designed to assist clients in finding a new residence in their new location, whether for rent or purchase. Such a package typically includes several tailored services to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

More info:

Needs Assessment:

A thorough consultation is needed to understand the client’s needs, preferences, and budget. This includes considering factors like the property size, desired amenities, proximity to work or school, and specific requirements such as pet-friendly environments.


Area Orientation Tour (additional service)

A tour of various neighbourhoods or districts to give the client a feel for different areas and to identify preferred locales. This helps understand the local housing market, community vibe, amenities, and transportation options.


Shortlisted Properties:

Based on the client's specifications, we will curate a list of properties for viewing. This can save the client significant time and effort. We also advise and work with client selections.


Property Viewings:

Organising visits to the shortlisted properties. Video call, photographs, and report back on each viewing.


Lease or Purchase Negotiation:

Assistance in negotiating the terms of a lease or purchase agreement, ensuring the client gets a fair deal and that all their needs are addressed. We work with reputable buyers’ agents that our clients can appoint to act on their behalf with extensive due diligence processes in place.


Legal Assistance:

Guidance or referrals to trusted legal professionals to review rental agreements, purchase contracts, or explanations of local real estate regulations.


Utility Setup:

Assistance or information on setting up electricity, gas, and internet utilities.


Ingoing Property Report:

Advising on property inspections to ensure no hidden issues with the chosen property.


Cost Overview:

Providing an overview of costs, including deposits, agent fees, utility costs, and any other applicable fees or taxes.


Cultural or Market Insights:

Sharing insights about the local housing market, cultural norms related to housing, or any specific nuances of renting or buying in the new location.


Post-move Check-in:

Following up after the client has moved in to offer assistance and advice.


Lease Obligations and Procedures:

In the case of rentals, providing guidance on the lease terms, returning the property, and getting back deposits.


The goal of a house hunt package is to streamline the property search process, ensure the client's needs are met, and alleviate the stresses commonly associated with finding a new home, especially in an unfamiliar location.

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