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Personal Shop Assistance

We offer personal shop assistance facilitating the transition to your new life. This unique combination of services helps individuals or families integrate more comfortably into their new environment. Our services include:

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Home Essentials Shopping

Assisting clients in purchasing necessary items for their new home, from furniture to kitchenware, especially if they've moved with minimal belongings. We can assist and sign for deliveries before your arrival.


Local Orientation:

Guiding clients around local shopping districts, supermarkets, and essential stores, helping them become familiar with their new surroundings.


Cultural Adjustments:

Educating clients on local customs or etiquette related to shopping or bargaining.

Recommending stores that cater to the client's cultural or dietary preferences, such as Halal or Kosher stores.


Language Assistance:

Assisting clients unable to speak the local language, translating or facilitating communication with store owners.


Recommendations Based on Preferences:

Introducing clients to stores or brands that align with their preferences, whether they're eco-conscious, luxury-focused, or have other specific needs.


School and Office Supplies:

Helping families shop for school essentials for their kids or office supplies if they're setting up a new workspace.


Local Technology and Services:

Assisting with purchasing local electronics, setting up phone lines, or choosing the right internet and cable providers.


Guidance on Local Prices and Bargaining:

Advising clients on local price standards ensures they get a fair deal, especially in markets where bargaining is expected.


Vehicle Purchase or Rental Assistance:

Guiding clients in purchasing or leasing vehicles, understanding local traffic rules, and recommending reliable mechanics or service centres.


Temporary Needs Shopping:

Assisting clients in finding rental or purchase options for items they might only need temporarily, such as baby gear, temporary furniture, or seasonal equipment.


Special Needs and Medical Supplies:

Guiding clients to stores or pharmacies where they can find specific medical supplies, dietary needs, or other specialised items.


Personalised Shopping Lists:

Creating customised lists for clients, detailing where they can find specific items they need or want in their new location.


Local Services Recommendations:

Recommending and assisting clients in finding local services such as tailors, cobblers, cleaners, and more based on their needs.


Emergency Purchases

Assisting clients in making immediate purchases in case of emergencies, such as replacing lost items or medical appointments for script replacements.


Incorporating personal shop assistance into relocation services adds more convenience for our clients. It reduces the stress and confusion often associated with adapting to a new environment, especially when there's a language barrier or cultural differences in shopping habits.

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