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Consultation Sessions

PerthRS offer a range of call and video consult sessions to address various aspects of the moving process. These sessions can be beneficial in today's digital age, where remote consultations are becoming more commonplace. Here are some consult sessions that we offer:

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Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment:

Understanding your specific requirements, discussing timelines, budgets, and any challenges you might face during the move.

Relocation Policy Briefing:

Explaining the company's relocation policy (if it's a corporate move) and what it covers, including any allowances or reimbursements.


Destination Orientation:

Your introduction to your new location by video link, discussing local amenities, schools, healthcare, public transport, and more. 


Housing and Real Estate Tours:

Providing virtual tours of potential homes or apartments is especially useful for international moves or situations where you cannot view in person.


Cost and Budgeting Overview:

Reviewing estimated costs, discussing budget constraints, and presenting options to make the move cost-effective.


Cultural and Language Training (for international moves):

Offering initial cultural orientation sessions and basic language primers for clients moving to a country with a different culture or language.


Storage Solutions Overview:

Discuss options for storing short-term or long-term items and giving virtual tours of storage facilities if necessary.


Spousal or Partner Support Session:

Offering support and resources for spouses or partners of relocating employees, discussing job opportunities, and integration into the new community.


School and Educational Consultation:

Introducing the schooling system of the destination, discussing school options, and offering guidance on enrolment procedures.


Pets and Animal Relocation:

Providing guidance on moving pets, discussing quarantine regulations, and introducing pet transportation services.


Post-move Check-in and Feedback Session:

After the relocation, check in with clients to ensure they've settled in, address any concerns, and gather feedback for service improvement.


Emergency Consultations:

Offering support for any emergencies or unexpected challenges that arise during the move.


Pick our brain sessions:

45-minute consult where you can address your unique questions.


Using video or call consult sessions, Perth Relocation Specialists can provide real-time guidance, answer questions, and offer personalised advice, making the moving process smoother and more manageable for clients, regardless of location.


These sessions are included in your selected package or can be booked separately.

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