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Education Package

Our Education package is designed to help relocating families find suitable educational institutions in Perth for their children. This service can be invaluable, especially in surroundings with different educational systems. Here's what is included in a school search package.

More info:

Needs Assessment:

A detailed consultation to understand the family's specific educational needs, preferences, and aspirations. This could involve discussing curriculum preferences, special educational needs, desired extracurriculars, and more.


Overview of the Educational System:

Providing information about the WA educational system, including types of schools (public, private, international), grading systems, academic calendars, and critical stages or levels.


Curated List of Schools:

Based on the family's requirements, we provide a curated list of schools that might be suitable, complete with profiles of each institution.


School Visits:

Coordinating and possibly accompanying families on visits to the shortlisted schools, facilitating meetings with school administrators or teachers.


Admission Assistance:

Guidance on the admission process for each school, including helping with application forms, required documents, interviews, and entrance exams.


Feedback and Insights:

Sharing feedback from other families who've enrolled their children in the shortlisted schools or providing performance statistics and reputational insights.


Curriculum Details:

Offering information about the curriculum each school follows.


Extracurricular Activities:

 Information on clubs, sports, arts, and other extracurriculars offered by the schools, allows families to choose institutions aligning with their child's interests.


Transportation and Logistics:

Providing details on school bus routes and transportation costs, or suggesting residential areas conveniently located to the chosen school.


Fee Structure and Financial Aid:

An overview of the tuition fees, additional costs, and information on scholarships, financial aid, or other monetary considerations.


Special Needs and Support:

Details on schools that offer specialised programs or support for students with special needs, gifted programs, or other specific requirements.


Language Programs:

Information on language courses or programs is especially important for families moving to a country with a different primary language.


Post-admission Support:

Offering assistance after admission, such as helping with uniform purchases, book lists, or orientation sessions.


Exit Clauses and Procedures:

In cases where the family might be in the location temporarily, providing guidance on exit procedures, transfer of academic records, and other related processes.


A school search package aims to ensure that the transition to a new educational environment is as smooth as possible for both the child and the parents, aligning with their educational goals and providing a conducive environment for your child's overall development.

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