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What we offer

House Hunter Package

Our house hunt package is designed to assist clients in finding a new residence in their new location, whether for rent or purchase. Such a package typically includes several tailored services to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Here's what might be included in a house hunt package:

School Search package

Our school search package is designed to help relocating families find suitable educational institutions in Perth for their children. This service can be invaluable, especially in surroundings with different educational systems. 

Personal shop assistance

We offer personal shop assistance facilitating the transition to your new life. This unique combination of services helps individuals or families integrate more comfortably into their new environment. 

Settling in Service

Settling-in services are designed to ease the transition of individuals or families into a new location, ensuring they feel at home and integrated into their new environment as quickly as possible. 

Airport Transfers

An airport transfer service goes beyond just transporting a client from the airport to a destination. It's tailored to ensure the comfort, safety, and ease of transition for individuals or families relocating to a new area.

Consultation Sessions

PerthRS offer a range of call and video consult sessions to address various aspects of the moving process. These sessions can be beneficial in today's digital age, where remote consultations are becoming more commonplace. 

Corporate packages

PerthRS offers a comprehensive range of services designed to facilitate the transition of 

employees from one location to another.  We can be a crucial asset when a company moves its headquarters, opens a new branch, or employs or transfers employees.

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