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Airport Transfers

An airport transfer service goes beyond just transporting a client from the airport to a destination. It's tailored to ensure the comfort, safety, and ease of transition for individuals or families relocating to a new area. Here's what such a service might cover:

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Pre-Arrival Communication:

Providing detailed information on where and how the client will be met at the airport.

Confirming flight details, tracking flight timings for any delays, and ensuring timely pickup.


Meet & Greet:

A representative, often with a placard bearing the client's name, will meet the client at the arrival gate or designated meeting point.


Assistance with Luggage:

Helping clients with baggage claims and ensuring all luggage is securely loaded into the transport vehicle.


Comfortable Transportation:

Providing a clean, safe, and comfortable vehicle tailored to the client's needs and their group/luggage size.

Options for larger groups might range from standard cars to luxury vehicles, vans, or buses.


Safety Measures:

Child safety seats, if required. (Need to be organised ahead of the time)


Destination Drop-off:

Transport clients to their predetermined destination, whether a temporary residence, hotel, or new home.

If applicable, assist with unloading luggage and ensure a smooth handover to the next point of contact.


Additional Stops (if pre-arranged):

Stopping at essential places like grocery stores or supply shops if the client needs to pick up immediate necessities upon arrival.


Emergency Contact:

Providing clients with an emergency contact number for PerthRS should any issues or questions arise during the transfer.



Some premium services might include bottled water, snacks, or Wi-Fi, especially for longer transfers.


Additional Services (upon request):

Providing local SIM cards, currency exchange information, or other immediate necessities.


By offering a comprehensive service, we ensure that your first impression and experience arriving in Perth is stress-free. This service sets the tone for the rest of the relocation process.

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