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My story - 3 months in

Updated: May 12

It is hard to believe that I've called Perth home for nearly 18 years.

September 2006. Rachelle picked us up from the airport and the excitement was real!

Her family generously shared their home with us until we managed to secure our own home. There was a bit of a rental shortage, but nothing like today! A few weeks later, we moved into a home, bought beds, a couch, a TV and a fridge and eagerly waited for our container to arrive from South Africa. It came, and it felt like Christmas had arrived early!

We went down the tick list, and banking, Medicare, and all the other fun stuff got done. The husband secured a job, bought a car, and we were well on our way!

Now, in those days, we did not have all these wonderful Facebook pages to help you. I needed to buy phone cards to speak to my mom back home, and they had a habit of cutting out mid-conversation. Mom eventually got Skype, but the reception was dismal, and it loved buffering! Tech has certainly improved, and staying in touch is a breeze now!

Three months in, I hit a wall.

I missed my career. Daycare is a killer on the budget and we decided it was cheaper for me to stay home with my son. I missed my old life. The terrible threes did my head in, and Rachelle suggested a positive parenting class to get me out of the house and to give this girl some skills!

Off I went. It is a good class for any moms out there, provided free by the government. It did help ;-)

I sat there listening to a girl (Effie—I will never forget her name) carry on and on about her wonderful dad, who picks the kids up a few days a week to give her a break and how lucky she was. I started this silent cry that turned into a messy, can't help myself snot-flying ugly cry, sobbing my heart out. Nothing could stop me. I cried for everything and everyone!

The poor child nurse put her big arms around me. I couldn't breathe. The whole class was involved then, giving me aaaahs. You will be alright, mate. I cried until I was empty and went home more than embarrassed!

The next day I got a call.

Not just any call. A call from my bestie.

The child nurse phoned her and told her about this sweet girl from South Africa who was having a really hard time. Since she is a fellow countryman, she thought maybe she could give me a call and take me for a coffee...

Don’t be me. Don’t feel guilty because you are meant to be so grateful that you had the opportunity to move to this beautiful country and feel guilty for your feelings. Reach out, speak your truth, get through the day because the sun shines again !



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