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The emotions behind the packed boxes

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Weeks of "the last time"...

Last Sunday dinner at the in-law's, last frantic shopping for things you might not get here, last visits with friends and family, last attempt to leave your place of employment with every T crossed and an empty in-tray. You want to make sure they will miss you and talk about you fondly for years. Ok, maybe that was just me.

You scrub shoes and inspect every item going into the container. You read horror stories about the Australian Border Force. You google. NON STOP. Last frantic big donate for the stuff you couldn't sell.

Last hugs.

The slow walk and wave and then the long cry. I quietly cried a river for half my flight and then slept, exhausted.

What would I have changed? Probably nothing because that is how I process, but we are all different.

When you feel overwhelmed, remember your why.

Welcome to Perth. Your new home. You are one lucky fish!

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