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Moving to Perth: To Bring or To Buy Furniture and Whitegoods?

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

If you're planning a move to Perth, Australia, one of the most significant decisions you'll have to make is whether to ship your existing furniture and whitegoods (appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, etc) or purchase new ones when you arrive.

This decision profoundly impacts the moving process. Various factors can influence your choice. Below, we'll explore some key considerations to help you make an informed decision.

1. Cost

Shipping Containers:

  • Transportation Fees: The cost of shipping your belongings in a container may vary based on volume, weight, and distance.

  • Customs Duties and Taxes: If moving internationally, consider import duties and taxes that may apply.

  • Insurance: Protection against damage or loss during transit may add to the overall cost.

Buying New:

  • Furniture Costs: Research local prices in Perth for your needed items.

  • Delivery and Installation Fees: Consider these additional costs, especially for whitegoods, which may require professional installation.

  • Disposal of Old Items: If you're not bringing them, you must sell, donate, or dispose of your old furniture and appliances.

2. Time

Shipping Containers:

  • Transit Time: Shipping can take several weeks or months, depending on the origin.

  • Customs

Clearance: Allow extra time for customs processing if moving internationally.

Buying New:

  • Shopping Time: Consider the time needed to shop for new items.

  • Delivery Wait Times: Delivery and installation of new whitegoods or furniture may take days or weeks. Always get confirmation of the approx delivery date before you place your order. Some furniture stores have excessive wait times because of shortages. Also, be aware that some furniture comes flat-packed and requires assembly.

3. Quality and Emotional Attachment

Sentimental Value: If your belongings have sentimental value, bringing them along might be more desirable and can aid in your sense of belonging.

  • Fit and Style: Consider if your current furniture suits your new home in Perth in size and style.

4. Environmental Considerations

  • Carbon Footprint: Shipping belongings can have a significant environmental impact. Buying locally may reduce this footprint.

  • Waste Gene

ration: Discarding old items and buying new ones can contribute to waste.

5. Availability and Standards

  • Electrical Standards: Check if your current whitegoods comply with Australian electrical standards.

  • Local Availability:

Research what's available in Perth to ensure you can find the items you need at a satisfactory quality and price.

  • Warranties: Check if the brand of your current whitegoods has service centres or parts availabilities in Perth.


The decision to bring a container or buy new furniture and whitegoods in Perth is multifaceted. It requires careful consideration of costs, time, quality, emotional attachment, environmental impact, and local standards. Evaluating your needs, preferences thoroughly and the local market in Perth will help you make the best choice for your move.

Whether you choose to embrace the familiarity of your existing belongings or enjoy the opportunity to start fresh with new purchases, understanding these factors will enable a smoother transition into your new home in Perth.

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